Overview of Kwikcart

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When you’re running an online business, you need to market your products and services to generate more revenue. This requires building attractive and appealing landing pages and sales funnels for your campaigns. However, you wouldn’t want to get into the technicalities of coding and programming when building these pages. Right?

Well! Good News! With Kwikcart, you don’t have to get into any technicalities whatsoever!

Kwikcart is a SaaS-based platform created by a team of professional and experienced marketers for marketers to create, launch, and optimize engaging landing pages and sales funnels using a simple no-code page builder to help drive more conversions and revenue to the business. 

How Does Kwikcart Work?

As mentioned, Kwikcart is a platform to build, launch, and optimize engaging campaigns for increased revenue and business growth. It has an intuitive page builder using which you can simply drag and drop the elements in the templates to create your landing pages.

Besides the easy-to-use, quick-to-understand page builder, the platform is equipped with multiple tools and features for offering added functionalities to help perform your business operations seamlessly without putting in much work or effort.

You can primarily use options like Pages, Funnels, and Stores to create pages, sales funnels, and manage stores, respectively.

In addition to these systems, the platform has a dashboard to provide you with insights on all essential business data in a single page view so that you can have more ease in planning your future campaigns and making important decisions about your store.

Let’s have a look at every aspect of the platform one after the other to offer you a complete overview and understanding of using Kwikcart.


A dashboard is the perfect admin panel to help you get an overview of all the essential data and information. Kwikcart offers you the same.

Kwikcart has a very intuitive, user-friendly, and easy-to-understand dashboard that presents all the necessary data and information about the orders, conversions, traffic, product, sales, earnings, etc., in a single page view to provide you with necessary insights. Upon analysis of all the data available in the dashboard, planning for future campaigns and making important business decisions becomes a breeze.

For detailed information about the Dashboard, you may refer to the link provided-



Domain Mapping is essential to drive traffic to your store from other domains and sites. With Kwikcart, you can do that easily. You can integrate with other domains using the platform and create new domains for domain mapping so that your store keeps receiving high-end traffic.

For detailed information about Domains, you may refer to the link provided-



The Store system is designed to help you manage the product library on your eCommerce store using similar layouts and designs for all product categories.

You can go into the “Manage Store Layout'' functionality and click on the “Create Store Layout” button in the top right corner of this section. This will take you to a page builder where you can choose from more than 1000 templates for creating the store layouts of different products. The section allows you to select all kinds of pages like checkout pages, thank you pages, etc., for your store layout. Moreover, using the simple page builder, it’s very quick and easy to customize the layouts as per your specific needs and requirements.

Additionally, you can use the cart settings and store settings to further customize and manage your store layouts for more ease and simplicity in operations.

For detailed information about Stores, you may refer to the link provided-



Your products are the essence of your eCommerce store. Kwikcart understands the same and provides excellent features to add simple and variable products and create a fantastic product library. Additionally, you can add order bumps, quantity options, and other product features while adding the products to your library.

The “All Products” option also allows you to have a single-page view of all the products that you’ve added to the library.

For detailed information about the Simple Product, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Variable Product, you may refer to the link provided-



The Pages section primarily allows you to create new landing pages for your platform. It is equipped with several templates to design and customize sales pages, affiliate pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, and more. 

Additionally, the “All Pages” section allows you to have a look at all the pages you’ve created, along with the options to edit them further.

You can also use this section to create and design your Checkout Forms. All it requires is selecting the provided options as per your preferences and then designing the page as you like.

You can also manage the page navigation by designing and customizing your entire menu structure using the simple drag and drop builder. 

With all these options for pages creation and customization, you can have a lot of ease in managing the landing page designs on your store.

For detailed information about Pages, you may refer to the link provided-



Funnels are an essential element for your eCommerce store and can help a lot to boost sales and revenue, especially when you know how to design them most engagingly. The Funnels system of Kwikcart helps with the same.

It has a simple design and system for creating the most attractive and appealing funnels for your stores.

You can choose between three options for funnel creation-

  1. Sales Funnels

  2. 1 Page Checkout Funnels

  3. Lead Funnels

Additionally, you can customize the funnels as you like, right from giving names to the funnels to designing them using the collection of more than 1000 templates available on the platform.

Another section in this system, i.e., “All Funnels,” provides you with an overview of all the funnels you’ve created and the options to optimize and edit the same.

For detailed information about Sales Funnel, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about 1 Page Checkout Funnel, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about Lead Funnel, you may refer to the link provided-



Affiliate marketing is the best way to promote your products and store on a larger scale. However, if you’re into it, you need to have a full-fledged affiliate system. Well, that’s available with Kwikcart.

The platform offers a well-designed affiliate system that you can use to keep a track of your affiliates. It will help you keep up with all affiliate data, right from basic information to affiliate orders, payouts, and more.

For detailed information about the Affiliates System-Admin Panel, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about Affiliates System-Login, Signup and Dashboard you may refer to the link provided-



As mentioned before, Kwikcart comes with multiple applications to boost the functionalities of your store. You can use all these in-built applications at no additional costs and drive more conversions to your store, which helps generate more revenue.

Be it tracking, payment, chat apps, email automation for order confirmation, abandoned cart reminder, etc., you can find an application for all of it on Kwikcart.

For detailed information about the Partial Payments app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Coupon Wheel app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Currency Switchers app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Payment Discounts app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Tracking and Pixels app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Order Tracking app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the OTP Verifications app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the Abandoned Cart app, you may refer to the link provided-


For detailed information about the User Proof app, you may refer to the link provided-



Kwikcart offers integrations with multiple payment gateways, shipping providers, message providers, autoresponders, and CRMs, to further ease out your operations. With all these integrations, you can manage all the store activities on a single platform without toggling between multiple applications or tools.

For detailed information about Integrations, you may refer to the link provided-



You need to keep a check on the order you’ve received in your store to fulfill them in time. The Orders section allows you to keep up with the same. It will display all the data on the orders you’ve received in your store.

It also shows the customer data and other details about abandoned carts and checkouts, email subscriptions, and more to help you plan your email campaigns and automation.

For detailed information about Orders, you may refer to the link provided-



Adding offers, discounts, and coupons in your store goes a long way in boosting sales and revenue. With Kwikcart, you can easily add these offers.

The Coupons section will allow you to add coupons as per your preferences and will also show you all the essential data as regards the coupons you’ve added to your store.

Split Test

Split testing is a great strategy to check what’s working out for your store and what’s not. With this strategy, you can easily plan more engaging campaigns that will bring better results.

The Split Test system of Kwikcart helps you create and run as many split tests as you want and even generated detailed reports of those tests for analysis and decision making.

For detailed information about Split Test, you may refer to the link provided-



This section allows you to manage your entire Kwikcart account using different setting options. You can manage your profile, shipping options, indexing, messages, emails, notifications, and other user roles and settings using this section.

For detailed information about Settings, you may refer to the link provided-


Final Words

So, that’s all about Kwikcart. With the platform, you can find everything you need for your eCommerce store. We hope that this overview has helped you get an understanding of the platform, and you’ll now be at more ease in creating your stores, pages, and funnels and managing all your eCommerce store operations on Kwikcart.

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